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Wellta is great! Make sure the paper and that everything is legal, when we had the house up for sale, Wellta was the only one of the 8 (!) brokers we used that required a copy of our country paper.

It has been nearly a year since we met you and you helped us so enormously. I've been thinking how lucky we are. To have gone to you, you to find this house.

Thank you again for your professional handling of the whole transaction.

I hope we can remain as friends and I will definitely refer to everyone who is looking for a house in Phuket.

You were highly recommended by other people so I will call you when I arrive

If you want to use an agent then www.houseinphuket.com have a good reputation.

About her website

I wanted to tell you that your website is unusually well-made, easy to navigate and read, and very informative. Congratulations on your website.

Welta I just wanted to congratulate you on running an excellent site for rentals. Because of the number of photos you include on each house/Apartment you really feel you know the place without almost having to look at it. WELL DONE.

First of all, your web-site is superb! i like those floor plan, it wins thousand words...

Your website is very wonderful, I have spent many hours (as my stress relief also!) to plan my holiday in your site, to see what is available and prices. I think one of best real estate websites I have seen. Also love your "comments", and your photos of the houses covers all the questions I would have. Job well done!

great internet pages! Finally I found pages that are very clear and all the targets with every detail and lot of pictures. Thank you for that.

we were impressed with your website would like the opportunity to look at some of your properties.

What happened the last 7 days at House in Phuket?