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Thank you for your help, and your website is the best around

First of all we like to thank you again for selling our house and in particular for the very pleasant and positive way everything was done.

Just a little message to thank you and your staff for your kindness, efficiency and professionalism...we would highly recommend you to the people we know for finding a house in Phuket.

I will certainly recommend you to all my friends as the best real estate agent in Phuket.

If you are in the market for renting an affordable home in one of the residential areas of Phuket then I would suggest the first website which you should look at is the House in Phuket Dot Com website as I am certain that you will find a suitable house on Wellta's Phuket real estate website.

On the personal front, it has been a real pleasure knowing you, both as an agent and a friend.

About her website

I like your website very much since it is very nicely organized and professional. Very helpful thanks.

Welta I just wanted to congratulate you on running an excellent site for rentals. Because of the number of photos you include on each house/Apartment you really feel you know the place without almost having to look at it. WELL DONE.

great internet pages! Finally I found pages that are very clear and all the targets with every detail and lot of pictures. Thank you for that.

I have to compliment you - YOUR WEBSITE IS FANTASTIC!!

First, let me complement you on your website. Your listings are by far the best online site I have seen. Lots of photos, including a floor plan, and views from the road and exterior. Makes it much easier for someone like me far away to get a true sense of each property. I also appreciate your honest comments.

I just saw your website, and it is best and most impressive website I have seen for the property business in Phuket which is why I am writing to you.

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