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Hi Kevin, please call Welta, at she may be able to find you a house in the Chalong area. She and her staff are very professional, and provide very personal service.

He has recommended you as a very professional and responsible person who can help with rent

you have been recommended to us as a very reliable and hard-working Agency.

A friend of mine (a russian guy) recommened You as a professional real-estate agent.

Thanks, you are one of a kind in Thailand. As I told you before you are professional I like working with you.

In any case, we wish to thank you for all your work and help in making this sale a success.

About her website

Love your website, one of the most switched-out real estate websites I think I have seen ....ever - and I used to work writing copy for real estate sites all the time and so I do have an idea of what the general field look like.

By the way, your website is very good. Very easy to see everything and well thought out.

Your web-site is one of the best in Asia and for sure the best in Phuket - so - stay this way and I will recommend you to all my freinds in Scandinaivia.

I have to compliment you - YOUR WEBSITE IS FANTASTIC!!

First can I say how good I think your website is!

I just saw your website, and it is best and most impressive website I have seen for the property business in Phuket which is why I am writing to you.

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