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First of all we like to thank you again for selling our house and in particular for the very pleasant and positive way everything was done.

My business partner is meeting you this morning after my recommendation about your website and professional services (which is highly unusual in Phuket)!

Thank you for your help, and your website is the best around

Who out there (except Wellta) offers a rental operation put online with anything close to the 'real' prices that you find on the ground, or instead of real prices spend the same price to get much better bang for buck. I cant think of any offhand.

I will give your phone number to my friend, because I think you are the best in realty business field. Thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness.

just writing to say a big thank you for selling our house for us and for all your time and effort. You were very supportive at the land office and couldn't have managed without you. You also happen to be a very lovely person and we are so happy to have known you and Ivo. Thank you Welta, our very best wishes,

About her website

I must comment that of all the real estate companies I have seen , I am really impressed with the way you set out your website and the information you provide to your customers.

I have to compliment you - YOUR WEBSITE IS FANTASTIC!!

we were impressed with your website would like the opportunity to look at some of your properties.

Your website is very wonderful, I have spent many hours (as my stress relief also!) to plan my holiday in your site, to see what is available and prices. I think one of best real estate websites I have seen. Also love your "comments", and your photos of the houses covers all the questions I would have. Job well done!

By the way, your website is very good. Very easy to see everything and well thought out.

First can I say how good I think your website is!

What happened the last 7 days at House in Phuket?