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About Wellta

You give the feeling to me, that you are absolute the right person to buy a house in Phuket.

A friend of mine (a russian guy) recommened You as a professional real-estate agent.

Thank you Wellta for your very professional help and service.

Many friends have recommended you and as we are nearby I thought we should give you the first opportunity to be our agent.

I think you have been one of the best agents and I hope to work with you for a long time to come and I know my neigbour feels the same.

I was referred to you by a colleague as an excellent property professional.

About her website

I have to compliment you - YOUR WEBSITE IS FANTASTIC!!

By the way, your website is very good. Very easy to see everything and well thought out.

First, let me complement you on your website. Your listings are by far the best online site I have seen. Lots of photos, including a floor plan, and views from the road and exterior. Makes it much easier for someone like me far away to get a true sense of each property. I also appreciate your honest comments.

By the way, your website is one of the most user friendly I have ever seen.

First can I say how good I think your website is!

Love your website, one of the most switched-out real estate websites I think I have seen ....ever - and I used to work writing copy for real estate sites all the time and so I do have an idea of what the general field look like.

What happened the last 7 days at House in Phuket?